Monday, November 14, 2016

Life is delicious!

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8 years ago and today (2016)
Oh my gosh! He turned into a teenager and we watch this movie together now😄

Çeşme (pronounced, Cheshme) is the westest edge of Turkey, (8 miles to Chios(Greece)/Aegean) which welcomes the most tourists with its historical and natural beauty, fun and sport activities and its delicious food! We have been here all summer long.

 One fun place to see in Izmir, Aegean/Turkey
                     thin crust pizza

                   Fresh Strawberry Sauce Recipe 

                    There is nothing better 
                           on a cold day 
                           than hot soup
                      Cauliflower Soup/ Recipe

      My mom's favorite 

                       Heart Shaped Pancakes
                       with Strawbery Jam


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